Join us for the 6th Annual Conference this fall 


November 2-3

November 15

In-Person Location:
American Visionary Art Museum | Baltimore, MD

Connect IN-PERSON on November 2-3 at the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, the perfect venue for an artful kick-off party and 2 days of networking, sharing and learning with our arts in health colleagues! Then we'll reconvene for a virtual day on November 15.

Can’t join in person? No problem! Get a NOAHCON Virtual ticket to attend the virtual day, and receive the recordings from the 2 in-person days later in the month.

Conference Overview: Created for artists, arts administrators, healthcare professionals, designers, educators, students and anyone with an interest in arts in health, the annual NOAH conference is designed to provide opportunities for participants to exchange ideas, gain applicable knowledge, build connections and energize developments for the future of the field.

This year’s focus areas are:

The Continuum of Care

The field of arts in health has been compelled to re-imagine what practices look like. We find ourselves reconnecting with our communities amidst new protocols, policies, and approaches. We continue to expand into AND beyond traditional healthcare facilities into an evolving ecosystem of health and healthcare as we integrate holistic, preventative and innovative practices for individual and community health.

  • How do we continue to adapt as we focus not just on healing and recovery, but on health and wellbeing in a variety of environments?
  • What solutions can we offer as we explore community and public health?
  • How do we invite, include, and learn from the next generation and other new and existing communities who are doing arts in health work?  
  • How do we continue to care for our vital caregivers?
  • What are some positive outcomes of the last few years, and how can we apply those to our work today?
  • What new programming models are emerging? Where are they taking place and who is leading them?
  • How are our practices expanding and what new issues/situations are being addressed?
A Fuller Spectrum of Arts in Health

Arts in health is composed of many voices and needs to include even more. This focus area prioritizes and elevates the voices once minoritized, but now with heightened appreciation for their critical value in guiding the future of the field. As arts in health continues to grow, imagine and implement equitable professionalization, we welcome opportunities to showcase practice, methodologies, frameworks, research, advocacy, activism, education and policy that demonstrate fuller cultural understanding and reflection on how our systems must evolve.

  • How can arts in health assure more empowered representation of diverse voices?
  • What bases of knowledge and perspective help to present a fuller understanding of what arts in health is and can be?
  • How do equity, justice and liberation intersect with arts in health?
  • What role should arts in health professionals utilize in advancing health equity?
  • How can cultural humility in the work/field today continue to be developed?  What barriers need to be overcome?
  • How do we ensure standards of practice and also account for humility, humanity, and open-mindedness?
  • What kind of research is supporting the growth and expansion of the field?
  • What kind of research is challenging the status quo of the field?
  • How do we reimagine our collective learning by incorporating different ways of knowing?
  • As we strive to decolonize and grow in cultural understanding, what barriers do we need to overcome?
  • How are people in the field creating impact on diversity, inclusion, and accessibility


Why present at NOAHCON 2022?
1. Share your expertise and/or research in the arts in health field
2. Receive feedback on your programs from leaders and experts
3. Gain nationwide exposure to hundreds of healthcare professionals, arts administrators, artists, educators, and more!


Registration: Register early, (by September 16, 2022) to receive the early bird discount. Members receive an additional discount so become a NOAH member today and save $200!!! Members: log into your account to get the discount code from the Member Resources section!

Scholarships: Scholarship information will be available soon. Check our webpage here for updates!

NOAH's COVID-19 Statement

NOAH is looking forward to welcoming you to our 2022 in person conference.  While we are excited to gather in person the health and safety of all attendees and participants is a priority.  With COVID-19 continuing to evolve NOAH will follow the guidelines as issued by the Center for Disease Control, State of Maryland, City of Baltimore and the event venues at the time of the conference.  COVID-19 conditions can change quickly and NOAH will continue to monitor conditions and protocols.  NOAH will update guidelines as needed and will share updated information on the NOAH website and through emails as we approach the conference dates.  In order to make the NOAH Conference as safe as possible we are instituting the following guidelines at this time; all guidelines are subject to change at any time:

  • Attendees must be fully vaccinated to attend the NOAH Conference and must confirm vaccination status at registration.
    • Vaccination must be from the list of approved Food and Drug Administration or World Health Organization vaccines: approved vaccines can be found here
    • Attendees should be prepared to provide proof of vaccination status upon check in at the conference. Proof of vaccination can be provided by presenting a vaccination card or digital vaccination card.
    • Per the CDC “fully vaccinated” is defined two weeks after having received all recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, two doses in a two dose series or one dose of a single dose series.
    • NOAH strongly recommends that attendees receive booster doses when eligible.
  • Face coverings are required at all times except when actively eating and drinking in designated areas or when presenting. Please note that the American Visionary Art Museum has a mask requirement for both museum visitors and event attendees. N95 or KN95 masks are preferred.
  • Frequent hand washing is encouraged, use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible.
  • Consider taking a COVID-19 test prior to traveling or arriving in town and only attend if your test is negative.
  • Complete the NOAH COVID-19 exposure screening questions prior to arriving at the conference. NOAH will share screening questions as we approach the conference.
  • If you are not feeling well, please stay home. Contact NOAH if your plans change due to COVID-19. (link to contact info)

Remember any public gathering increases the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  Attendees participate in the NOAH Conference at their own risk.  Additional information from the CDC on protecting yourself and others can be found here.

“Outstanding keynotes that I heard; generosity of session presenters (in terms of specific information sharing) that helped advance my arts in health practice; sessions covered content for a range of levels of practitioner and administrator experience…”

More testimonials

“Presentation content was very applicable to my current position. Presenters were excellent and the conference offered a wide variety of topics for development.”

“I always enjoy the keynote speakers and art-making/learning new art activities.”

“I appreciated the ability to chat and connect for MUCH needed networking, as paid work is very needed. The warmth of the leadership and openness to everyone was strong —thank you for this, everyone.”

“I really liked the networking breakouts. I met so many wonderful professionals and the prompts helped us engage - no awkwardness.”

“[I enjoyed] the options/topics of sessions; there was something for everyone.”

“All of the presenters - I plan to watch many of these again along with the ones that I was not able to attend. The hands on art breaks were wonderful.”

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By sponsoring this year’s conference, you will:

Help attendees learn, share, educate and develop new ways to assist those in need of mental, physical, and emotional support - improving and innovating nationwide programs with proven health benefits for their communities.

Play a critical role in keeping families and individuals healthy across the country.

Gain visibility to key leaders in the arts and health field and demonstrate your organization’s commitment to building healthier communities. Have your company’s name and logo featured on our website, app, and our social media efforts, as well as at the in-person event! 

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