By Nicole Crimi

Being in the medical field, we have the immense privilege of understanding our own health. When thinking about the experiences of children during the pandemic, it is very apparent that they don’t share this privilege, and their lack of knowledge and understanding of the pandemic only exacerbates their stresses. I wrote, illustrated and self-published this children’s book “Patty and the Pandemic” to target the knowledge gap for children aged 3-8 years old, and help to teach them about coronavirus in a fun, engaging and empowering way! My hope is that this book makes the situation less daunting for children, but also helps with knowledge translation without overwhelming kids. The content in the book has been peer reviewed, and 100% of the profits raised from this book are going to Face the Future Foundation to help provide healthcare to children in developing countries. The response has been incredibly positive thus far, and creating this initiative has helped with my own wellness throughout COVID-19, as it has made me feel much more inspired, empowered and connected to my community.