Submitted by Saundra Shanti

For weeks I had walked past a physician’s clinical drawing of a heart on the white board in the Emergency Department. Whatever teachable moment had taken place, it was long over. With permission from the director, I snagged an Expo dry erase marker from the front desk, and trolled through the ED looking for a subject to draw. One of the staff, nicknamed “Mayor” for his congenial personality, was nominated by the staff at large. In just a few minutes, I drew his caricature, complete with required mask. A few days later, I added the face of one of the docs, and then a week later, another nurse. Cartooning is not my forte as an artist, but even my novice efforts allowed for humor and playfulness in what could otherwise be a tense setting. If just one good sport will hold still for a short pose, it allows the staff as a whole to let loose!